The GIFT Box

tools and ways of working

to help museums make

richer digital experiences

for their visitors

What’s in the GIFT Box?

Design & Planning Tools

Are you planning to create a digital visitor experience? Use our tools to generate, develop and test your ideas. The tools help you develop richer experiences and save time and money.

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Digital Tools

Looking for inspiration to create more personal experiences? Try our free and open-source tools that let’s visitors gift experiences, reflect in one minute and access digital content relevantly.

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Ways of Working

We gathered 10 prominent museums and asked them to experiment and reflect. The result is a set of recommendations and examples that might inspire you to work differently.

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Who are we?

The GIFT Box is a result of The GIFT project – an EU funded research project in which a group of internationally renowned artists, designers, museum professionals and researchers work together. The project runs from 2017 to 2019 and focuses on hybrid experiences: Experiences that combine the physical and digital to create personal encounters with cultural heritage. If you have questions, please contact us on

Learn more about the project, or check out our academic publications.