Give visitors the tools to engage deeper

These are hybrid museum experiences: visitor experiences that merge the digital and the physical.

It’s open source: free to use and adapt to your needs.

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The Gift Experience App

Did you ever make a mixtape for someone else? How about with objects from a museum?

The Gift Experience App invites visitors to see the museum through the eyes of someone else and turn the experience into a gift.

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QR codes are a popular and cost effective way to overlay digital content within museums, but often visitors don’t engage with them. What if we could offer something more meaningful, perhaps even beautiful?

Artcodes are hand-drawn visual markers that can be used to seamlessly overlay digital content to your objects. Visitors can also draw their own Artcodes and add their own contributions.

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VisitorBox Ideation Cards

Need a way to quickly generate new ideas for your museum?

The VisitorBox Ideation Cards help you bring into play all the different considerations you should have in mind when developing new ideas.

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One Minute

When a museum visitor stops in front of an artwork in a museum, you have their attention for a short moment before they move on. Research shows that visitors on average spends just a few seconds studying the artwork and the label text before moving on. What would it take to hold on to them for a little bit longer – say one minute?

The One Minute app uses image recognition to offer visitors bite-sized interpretive text to provoke reflection without distracting away from the art itself. The app is supported by an authoring tool that has proven through testing to help curators improve the readability of interpretive text.

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design + research

The GIFT project is an EU-funded research project bringing together artists, designers, museum professionals and computer scientists to explore hybrid forms of museum experiences. We have worked with over 20 museums in Europe and the US to ground new technology-mediated experiences in real museum contexts, adapting to the needs of museums and visitors.

Learn more about the GIFT Project or check out our publications.