Access digital content in a relevant way

Artcodes are scannable markers that lets you blend your physical exhibition with digital content – works like QR Codes, except you design the look yourself.

What is the experience like?

Like QR codes, Artcodes are visual markers. You simply scan the marker and get access to digital content.

How to implement it?

Artcodes can be used with minimal technical resources. You only need a smartphone to both create and experience Artcodes. It can be easily adapted for any exhibition or purpose.

Why use Artcodes?

You design Artcodes yourself and decide exactly how they look. Thereby, you can create relevant visual markers that tell a story or match the aesthetics of your exhibition.

Case Studies

How to use?

Get the Artcodes app for iOS or Android.

Use the app to attach digital content, such as audio, video and links.