Intelligent ideation for design and evaluation

Cardographer enables people at your museum to digitally capture your physical card-based design ideas into a repository of designs from which you can distil insights into trends, issues and opportunities.

How does it work?

You can use the VisitorBox Ideation Cards to help generate new ideas for visitor experiences. The Cardographer app captures and analyses these cards. You can use it simply to help your team remember their thoughts, especially when spreading a design process over several sessions, or to get new members of staff up to speed. Cardographer is most powerful when your organisation has developed several designs.

Why use Cardographer?

Ideation cards, such as our own cultural heritage-focused VisitorBox deck, are a powerful and increasingly popular method for people with or without design training to generate design ideas within organisations. Cardographer allows you to save your ideas, and see how they evolve over time.

Beyond the benefits of using ideation tools such as the VisitorBox Ideation card deck, Cardographer allows users to tap into a larger knowledge-base of accumulated insights, allowing you to visualise long-term patterns of usage within your organisations and among all the users of that deck. Such insights can help you find gaps in strategies, identity untapped opportunities and chart paths through issues identified by communities of people creating visitor experiences for museums.

Being able to compare my design to all the others at a glance let me quickly see that my idea was using some uncommon approaches.
Cardographer user designing a Mixed Reality Experience

It’s a fantastic resource – I can quickly spot gaps in the market and make something that no one has thought of before, or pick a tried and tested design!
Cardographer user designing a Mixed Reality Experience

How to use?

Download the Cardographer app.
Follow the on-screen instructions.

What are the technical requirements?

Cardographer is primarily a web platform and can run in any browser. The Cardographer scanner can run on Android and soon on iOS devices. Due to the use of Augmented Reality technology for the card scanning, a device equivalent to a Galaxy S7 or better is required. This is equivalent to an iPhone 8 or higher.

Can the tool be customised to work with any card deck?

While Cardographer was designed with the museum-specific VisitorBox Ideation Card deck in mind, it can be customised to support any card deck.

How will the tool be supported?

Cardographer is an ongoing project which is currently evolving and forming the basis of several partnerships in industry and academia. With a dedicated team and ongoing funding, Cardographer is set to grow in functionality and maintain support for the foreseeable future.