The GIFT Box is a result of the GIFT project – a research project funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research programme. The project brings together internationally renowned artists, designers, museum professionals and researchers to help museums create hybrid experiences: Experiences that combine the physical and digital to create personal encounters with cultural heritage. The project started in January 2017 and runs for three years, to December 2019.

Read our academic publications and see how we have been covered in the media. If you have questions, please contact us on gift@itu.dk.

Hybrid Experiences

We call it hybrid experiences, because we’re not that interested in strapping virtual reality glasses on people, shutting them inside a digital world. We need the physical space as well as the digital, a bit like Pokémon Go, which makes people relate to both the physical and the digital environment. Our aim has been to support museums in creating nuanced and complex experiences, rather than just digital reproductions of physical exhibitions.”

Anders Sundnes Løvlie, Co-ordinator of the GIFT Project, IT University of Copenhagen