Wrap a museum gift with digital content

With the Gift Wrapper app, visitors can make a museum gift more personal by adding a link to digital content such as music, photos or videos.

What is the experience like?

With the GIFT Wrapper app, visitors can create or select any digital content and link it to items you sell in your gift shop. The app makes linking digital to physical a quick and easy process.

How to implement it?

You decide which gift items to sell with a link. The app helps you create the link that visitors then use to add their content. You can use either QR Codes, NFC tags (microchips) or Artcodes (self-made visual markers).

Why this app?

Visitors engage with your museum in a personal and creative way while making a gift for someone they care about. It also has the potential to increase sales and visits to your museum. The design is based on research on gifting and intimacy.

Case Study

Greeting Cards with digital content

Learn how Gift Wrapper was used at two workshops to add digital content to greeting cards.

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How to use?

Decide which gifts to sell with a link.

Generate and add QR codes, NFC tags and/or Artcodes.

Promote the gifts and the Gift Wrapper app.

What are the technical requirements?

The institution will need to provide stable wi-fi, or at least 3G or 4G coverage, for visitors to create their gifts on location. However, they can add digital content at any time and in any location.

Can the tool be customised?

Each code or tag can be customised to include content that you select or create. A customised version of the app allows you to offer your museum’s own digital content in addition to the content made or chosen by your visitors. Contact us via artcodes.co.uk/hg to discuss options (contact options coming soon). You can also get the source code.

How will the tool be supported?

We are proud that GIFT project partner University of Nottingham, along with Loughborough University and industry partners, has received funding for a significant follow-on project based on Gift Wrapper. Therefore, we intend to extend and support the app during 2020 and 2021, with the strong possibility of further support after that point. You can follow this work via the Mixed Reality Lab’s project page (Hybrid Gifting project details available early 2020).

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