Generate new ideas in a fun an inspiring way

VisitorBox Ideation Cards is a card game that you print and play with your colleagues to come up with new ideas for digital experiences.

When to use?

Play the cards in the early phases of design as a fun and inspiring method for generating new ideas for digital experiences.

How does it work?

Print the cards and bring them to a meeting. You start by discussing context and institutional goals. You then create a design brief, generate and storyboard ideas, disrupt the design and think of future steps. Use Cardographer to record, save and track your design ideas over time.

Why use the cards?

Museums that use the cards generate innovative and thoughtful ideas and are able to demonstrate exactly how they determined an idea to be ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

Case Study

Helping cultural organisations generate ideas

See how cultural organisations used the cards to generate different ideas with our partner Culture24

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Playing the cards is so much better than brainstorming usually is. There’s no awkwardness, and you always feel like you’re moving forwards.
Volunteer, Theatre Royal & Concert Hall, Nottingham

It’s been a great way to come up with ideas, but what I think is best is that I could show a colleague or a funder that it is a properly thought-out idea. I’ve already challenged it with the things that could go wrong.
Museum Learning Officer, Let’s Get Real programme

How to use?

Gather a team of staff, volunteers or partners, ideally with a mixture of backgrounds.
Get familiar with the VisitorBox Activity Rules.

Save your ideas and track them over time

You can use your phone’s camera to take a picture of your cards and your design sketches. Based on this idea, we’ve developed a specially designed tool called Cardographer that will scan your cards, save your ideas, and track them over time.

Customised decks and rules

The cards are released for all to use, free of charge. They are designed to make sense for museums, galleries and other cultural venues of all types and sizes. However, the card content and rules are open source, meaning that you can:

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