Visualise data for analysis and insights

Gift Viz is a workflow that guides you to make insightful visualisations of data captured from gifting experiences.

When to use?

When you implement a gifting experience such as the Gift app, it creates valuable data. Gift Viz helps you unlock insights from these data through interactive visualisations.

How does it work?

Gift Viz is a prototype method that uses Network Graph to visualise elements of an experience and relationships between them. The workflow details how to prepare data, generate visualisations and identify insights.

Why use Gift Viz?

Digital technologies produce data. Through appropriate visualisations this data can become useful information about audiences and exhibitions that you can use to make decisions.

I can see which of the users really engaged with the platform. Perhaps I can see what made the difference.
System Designer

These do help me pinpoint trouble spots. For example, why has no one looked at this exhibit?

How to use?

Create your experience.

Follow the Gift Viz guidelines to prepare your data.

Analyse and reflect on your data.

What are the technical requirements?

Gift Viz is a workflow that guides you through best practices of preparing data captured by digital systems for transformation into interactive visualisations. The technical work is specific to the experience being created, but not specific to any particular visualisation software.

Can the tool work with any Gifting experience?

The Gift Viz workflow can potentially be relevant for any system or experience that uses data for its function.

How will the tool be supported?

Gift Viz is an ongoing project that is currently being refined to become an integral part of every appropriate Gift output so that they can create comparable data visualisations. As an intentionally software-agnostic workflow, its approach is flexible and should be relevant for future software implementations.