A play experience for art museums

With Never Let Me Go, two visitors guide each other’s encounters with art. Through questions and prompts, the web app fosters deep introspection in a playful way.

What is the experience like?

The app allows two visitors to guide each other’s behaviours and reflections, thereby letting them co-create their experience of art.

How to implement it?

Never Let Me Go is currently an experimental prototype. If you would like to implement it, please contact us.

Why this app?

This is a different kind of audio guide: One that is social, yet introspective. Visitors experience the art space in a new way and connect to art works in a deeply personal and playful manner.

Screenshots from the app

You can’t interact with the artwork. In this way, you interact with each other in the context of the artworks.
Visitor, National Gallery of Denmark

It was a way of looking at the art and to stay with it longer than I would do otherwise.
Visitor, National Gallery of Denmark

I was more aware of emotions, because I was prompted to be thinking about things I normally don’t think about. So yeah, this museum visit was more emotional than my usual museum visits.
Visitor, National Gallery of Denmark

Can the tool be customised?

Never Let Me Go can be customised by accessing the code repository. At GitHub, you can get the source code.

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