How do you get visitors to use the app? Here are some suggestions:

Provide Connectivity

Some visitors may not have access to 3G data. Providing Wi-Fi at your museum ensures that all visitors can use and access the app. Even better, you could even advertise the app on the Wi-Fi’s connection screen that gets displayed to the user when they connect to the network for the first time.

Advertise the App

Research shows that museum staff are the most effective advocates for a digital project. Let them all try the experience and encouraging them to tell visitors about it. Mention the app in your marketing materials and make it visible as visitors enter the museum. Ensure that you clearly state the web address for the webapp and if possible, details on how to connect to the museum’s Wi-Fi.

Provide a gift from the Museum

You can create a gift by a member of museum staff that each visitor will receive as they open the webapp. This welcomes them, helps to learn how the app works and provides a great opportunity to highlight key objects in your collection.