Try Never Let Me Go

Never let me go in its current state is a prototype that has only really been tested on a few android phones. This means that there is no guarantee that it works on all phones. Just try and see if it works on your phone or not.

It’s a two-player experience. To play it you need a partner. Both your phones need to be connected to the Internet, and you both need headphones. First, decide which role you want to try.

As the avatar you go to this address (or use the QR-code):

You activate the Avatar-app by pressing the START-button. What this should do is to keep the screen awake. This is necessary for the system to work. The disadvantages of it is that if you put the phone in your pocket with the screen on, all kinds of thing can get triggered through touch. What we recommend is either holding the phone in your hand or installing a touch-block on it. We used a touch-block app during the testing so that players could put the phone away and not think about it.

As the controller you go to this address (or use the QR-code):

Here you can register a controller (use a name that you can remember) that you can reuse whenever you want. Next step is to get the code from the avatar app so the two get connected. The controller will hear the same as the avatar is hearing. The only exception is when you press the BEGIN-button. This will trigger a short introduction that are different depending on which role you’re playing. You scroll to the side to find the different categories of prompts, and up and down to see all the available options. Start the experience with BEGIN and end with END.

Never let me go is designed to be used in art museums or galleries with someone you know well. So that is what we recommend, but of course it could be interesting to try it in other settings too.